Better press releases for jazz musicians

Here at and extempore we receive CDs, downloads and media releases regularly. And because ‘we’ really means one person who also works a full week and has her own projects on the go, we’re always running behind. But we’re passionate about promoting Australian jazz and improvised music and we want help musicians do that better for themselves.

Are you a musician struggling to write the perfect press release?  Even if you’re a gifted writer and able to write objectively about your own music (congratulations!) there are some nuts and bolts that every press release should have.

You’d be surprised how many people miss those basics … and if the person receiving your info is busy or stretched or swamped… your press release gets put right back on the pile…

So, we’ve come up with a checklist (as a pdf download). It’s a first cut, but a couple of people have alreaady said they’ve found it useful, including Marc Hannaford no less.

If you’re a jazz musician in Australia, or helping jazz musicians by writing their press releases, then this may be a handy little checklist for you. Perhaps you know it all, but maybe there’s something useful in here too.

Just one page, in PDF format … Download it now >

Feel free to share with muso mates
Please let us know if you’d like to see something on it added, improved, changed…
and if you like it, let me know… oops, I mean ‘us’

Onwards and upwards!