My Songlines – Julien Wilson

You might have heard: Julien Wilson, one of the major creative forces in the Australian Jazz scene is celebrating his birthday with a special gig at Bennetts Lane. To celebrate with him, we invited him to share some of the music that has been part of his world. Proceed with caution. The following list contains traces of ABBA.


AustralianJazz.Net: What was the first album or single that you ever acquired?

Julien Wilson: Either “Uptown Girl” or “Super-trouper”. Seriously. I was 7. It was a small town in the ’70s. Choices were limited. I used to love playing my mum’s LP of “Magical Mystery Tour”. Also “Our House” by Madness. Link that one.

I grew out of Abba and Billy Joel pretty quickly.
AJN: What was the most recent album or track that you purchased?
JW: “Incantations” by Tony Malaby and “Big Mouth” by Chris Lightcap through CleanFeed but I haven’t received them yet. I buy albums. I don’t believe in singles. Last week, I bought “Lady Luck” by Ange Davis, “Eternal” by Chris McNulty, “Spook City” by Adam Page, “Artist House Sessions” by Art Pepper and “Three Lanes” by Andrea Keller.

All except the first two were through bandcamp and the others were direct from Chris and Ange’s websites.
AJN: Which album should be on everyone’s collection?
JW: “A Life In A Day” or anything else on Lionsharecords of course!

Seriously? Everyone’s collection? Anything by the originators of modern music, Miles Davis and The Beatles. If I had to pick one of each: “Kind of Blue” and “Magical Mystery Tour”.

AJN: Which song reminds you of your childhood?
JW: “You’ve Changed (it’s all over now)” from “Lady in Satin“. Joking. “Don’t stand so close to me” (The Police) and “Don’t Give Up” (Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush)

AJN: Which song reminds you of the best concert you’ve ever attended?
JW: “Shine on you crazy diamond”. The first song of the first concert, therefore the best.

AJN: Which song reminds you of your favourite journey?
JW: Best travelling music is still Pat Metheny. “The Precious Jewel” from “Beyond the Missouri Sky”, with Charlie Haden. Travelling through the Swiss Italian alps by train for the first time. Laughing and crying at the same time.

AJN: Which song reminds you of your most important rite of passage?
JW: “Detachable Penis” by King Missile
AJN: Which song best describes your relationship to your loved ones?
JW: “You are my sunshine”.

AJN: If your life was to become a movie, which song would be heard on the opening credits?
JW: “Sunflowers” by Sam Anning. One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.
AJN: Which would be on the end credits?
JW: “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by The Velvet Underground.

AJN: Which would be on the action scenes? ‘
JW: “Australia don’t become America” by Cranky.

Or something silly: maybe “The girl from Ipanema blues” by Baron Down.
AJN: Which would be on the love scene?
JW: Haha. Sex machine for sure.

I’ve always wanted to bust that out at a wedding for the bridal waltz!
AJN: Which song do you wish you had written yourself?
JW: “Clube Da Esquina #2” by Milton Nascimento.

AJN: Which song do you wish had been written about you?
JW: Well, ‘Julien’ by Jessica Carlton and ‘Dirty Little Snag’ by 12ToneDiamonds both were.
AJN: Which song best describes your current state of mind?
JW: Sophisticated lady. No. “Why try to change me now?” – the Frank Sinatra ’59 version, not Bob Dylan.

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