Review: Get Happy – Kelsey James and Georgie Darvidis @ the Paris Cat Jazz Club

gethappy“If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney once said, and these two vocalists had dreamt it and did do it. George Darvidis and Kelsey James (a.k.a. 2/3 of the Furbellows), accompanied by Tamara Murphy on double bass and James Bowers on piano were adamant to make their dream of singing songs by Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand come true.
The event’s title “Get Happy: a Tribute to Barbara and Judy” set the tone and the opening was indeed cheerful and happy indeed. The performers were happy, their frisky voices honoring each other were happy, the audience was happy, the bartenders were happy, everyone was happy! The two performers were swinging, and taking turns in leaving the stage, giving room for each other to claim the spotlight and deliver intimate, mellow interpretations of emotional ballads.
So as the night progressed and fog was falling outside of the Paris Cat, the audience was invited on a journey from swing tunes full of upbeat rhythm to torch songs aiming to  touch everyone’s hearts and souls. Darvidis herself described it as akin to schizophrenia, the alternation of the songs, that is.
Tamara’s fingers danced on the double bass making everyone’s spine twinkle and James on the piano too would make sure there was no part in our bodies, or should I say in our body of emotions that was left untouched.

If it was not the alternation of tunes that would fascinate you, it would surely be the magic in the harmony of the music created and interpreted
that would captivate your senses and take them to a far away land and time. Wherever this music would take you though, you would always be happy!

Kelsey James and Georgie Darvidis reprise their “Get Happy” project on Friday 5 August at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club