Review: Albare & The Urbanity Project @ Bird’s Basement

 By Maria Ziggy

It was a night of sweet grooves and soulful jazz in the sophisticated environment of Bird’s Basement, where Urbanity  launched their new album, ‘Urban Soul‘, playing in front of a crowd that  voluntarily  surrendered to their  funky and romantic rhythms.

Urbanity is the outfit co-led by Albare (a.k.a. Albert Dadon, who, apart from guitarist, is also the owner of the state-of-the-art club, the man behind the Australian Jazz Bell Awards, not to mention a highly successful businessman), and his longtime partner-in-crime Phil Turcio on keys. The band also comprises of a rhythmic powerhouse; bassist Peter Mollica and drummer Gerry Pantazis.


Their music has a smooth feel, offering a downtempo version of soul jazz, often with a nod to bands like Earth, Wind and Fire. The rhythm section creates an elegant soundscape, a canvas for the playful interaction between Turcio and Albare, who captured the audience’s attention sending them off to a musical path sparked by love and passion. A total of nine tracks from the ten on the new album were heard, of which ‘Deep’ caught my attention the most, thanks to Albare’s playful introduction: “Are we deep in love or in deep shit?”

Later on, it was ‘The eye of the storm’ that captured my senses and carried me away, while the night went on with the band playing from their previous albums.  

Since that night, I have to admit that I often found myself ‘chillaxing’, as they say,  to the album, at home.

Urbanity are playing again at Birds Basement on 26 March, and then on 15 and 27 April.

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