Tamara Kuldin: My songlines

Tamara Kuldin is an enchantress, the proverbial siren who will seduce you with her singing.

She is also your best friend, the one you share so many stories with, the one who makes you laugh and takes you to trips around Europe. She is sweet, beautiful, sexy, funny and strong – a masterful storyteller a vocalist with impeccable phrasing and a performer that can put on a show out of anything – just give her a spotlight and a mic.

Her next show is called ‘Blonde’ – it is a tribute to the “illustrious Blonde vocalists, visionaries and vixens of song” – Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Sophie Tucker, Doris Day, Dolly Parton, Blondie, Joni Mitchell, the list goes on – filtered through her own signature sultriness. She will present it at Melbourne Recital Centre backed by a great jazz band, featuring Julien Wilson (Saxophone), Jonathan Skovron (Guitar), Steve Paix (Piano), Ben Robertson (Double Bass), Danny Fischer (Drums).

Before hitting the Melbourne Recital Centre, Tamara Kuldin took a moment to share some of the music that shaped her world.

What was the first album that you ever acquired?

I was a fan of rummaging through my parents vinyl collection and claiming them as my own. It was either Nat King Cole’s Greatest Hits or The Smurfs.

The latter was on high rotation for a while there.


What was the most recent album that you purchased?

Innocent Dreamer by Jamie Oehlers and Tal Cohen.

Which album should be on everyones collection?

Too hard! Joni Mitchell’s Blue?


Which song reminds you of the best concert youve ever attended?

Again, hard one. I remember the first time I saw Julien Wilson‘s Trio live, I fell in love with the song ‘Club da Esquina #2’.

Every time I play his live Cd I remember sitting there just crying.

Which song reminds you of your favourite journey?

George Benson’s ‘Breezin’.

I was literally skipping down a stretch of second avenue in New York for about 30 minutes with this song on repeat in 2012.

Which song reminds you of your most important rite of passage?

Hmmm…first time I travelled solo was to Ireland. I remember listening to Indigo Girls’ ‘Closer to Fine’ on tape – yep, mixed tape – and just being overwhelmed with happiness watching the beautiful scenery whirl by.

Thus began my love affair with travel… but Indigo Girls and I have since parted ways.

If your life was to become a movie, which song would be heard on the end credits?
‘Together in Electric Dreams’ – Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder. Just because.

Which would be on the love scene?

Hmmm… Claire de Lune.


Which song do you wish you had written yourself?

Every Joni Mitchell song.

Which song do you wish had been written about you?

‘Crazy Love’ by Van Morrison.

Which song best describes your current state of mind?
‘Peace Piece’ by Bill Evans.


Tamara Kuldin presents ‘Blonde’ on Saturday 25 August at Melbourne Recital Centreon Saturday 4 May at the Paris Cat