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Megan Evans: How Allan Browne saved Bennetts Lane

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club version 1 was born on November 27th 1992. It upgraded to two rooms on the 14th of January 2000. And it closed on June 15th 2015. During its almost 23 years in the service of live jazz performance it helped usher in a new environment for musicians to bring their art to their community. […] The experience and insight we learned through mistakes, discussion and respectful negotiation have largely been retained in Bennetts Lane version 2.

Review: Shreveport Stomp, Browne, Anning, Hannaford

Shreveport Stomp cover

Shreveport Stomp (Jazzhead, 2011) Allan Browne, Marc Hannaford, Sam Anning Review by Daniel Sheehan It’s amazing how a performance can be inseparable to a particular time and place, and so unique to the voices involved, even when the material in question is universally well-known and frequently documented. The trio of Allan Browne, Marc Hannaford and …