Advertise jazz and improvised music

If you want to advertise jazz and improvised music, or have products, services, courses, gigs, releases or other announcements you’d like to share with visitors to, we have advertising available on the home page, internal pages and posts…

Banner size and location

  • Top banner: At the top of every page, including the home page – 200 px X 200px, good for a CD release because of square shape
  • Side bar banner; highly visible too, and at 288px X 236px is a good size for lots of information
  • Top of every article; Great visibility. Anybody reading an article will see it. 468px X 60px
  • Bottom banner – At the bottom of every page, including the home page – 200px X 200px, good for a CD release, special discount for musicians

Banner format

Banners should be in jpg, png or gif format. If using animated gifs, keep it nice. No flashing. We reserve the right to refuse to use a banner that we think our users would respond negatively to.

Where advertisements appear

There are three main advertising areas, outlined in purple below. Rates are extremely affordable. We’d love to hear from you.