CD and gig reviews

If you’d like to contribute a review of an Australian improvised music / jazz gig or release (digital or CD) to  here’s what you need to know

Payment and licensing:

We have a limited budget. For that reason, whether you’ve written for us before or not, please email before you submit a review, to check if we have the budget to pay you.  If you’re willing to submit a review and don’t require a fee, we’d be extremely grateful.

When we pay for a piece we expect to have exclusive rights for one month from the publication date. That means that if we pay you, we expect that you won’t publish the piece elsewhere for at least a month.

Query email:

If you’ve reviewed for us before, just pitch like your normally do, by email, in your inimitable style.

If you haven’t reviewed for us before I need a pitch from you that includes three things:

  1. an email that introduces you – writing background and your interest in Australian jazz and improvised music would be important information to include here
  2. the details of the release / gig you want to review (e.g. for CD reviews, tell us if you need a review copy of the CD, and for concerts tell me if you need help getting a ticket)
  3. a sample review. This is critical and without it we have nothing. I need to see what your reviewing style is like. If you don’t have anything published yet, create a sample review, using a CD from your collection.

Features and interviews

If you have an idea for a feature or interview, please send your pitch by email. Your pitch should include:

  1. your name and a short bio (include info about your writing background and your interest in Australian jazz and improvised music)
  2. your idea, outlined
  3. when you would be able to deliver, if we were to accept your pitch and request
  4. indicate your ability to source additional resources such as images, YouTube / Vimeo footage, sound samples

Things to note: we rarely publish pieces longer than 2000 words. You’d have to have a very good reason for us to accept anything longer. Our budget is tiny so for that reason alone we may not be able to commission or accept your piece.