Privacy measures traffic to the website using Google Analytics While visitors are on our website there may be some information collected about their behaviour such as the search keywords they used to find us, or the average amount of time that our visitors stay on a page. Google Analytics also gives us rough location information, such as what continents, countries and cities our visitors access our website from. Google Analytics does not collect any personal information about visitors, such as name, address or any other identity-specific statistics.

If a visitor to the site signs up to our newsletter via the sign-up form on this website, they provide us with a preferred email address. This address will be used only for the newsletter, which is sent out approximately monthly.  Each newsletter allows the subscriber to unsubscribe with one click using a link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Many people will tell you that ‘your privacy is important to us’. We’re saying it too. We hate the thought of our own privacy being violated so we wouldn’t knowingly violate yours.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy while you are on this site, please contact us by email at

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