Garry Lee

Garry Lee is a jazz musician/composer/educator playing vibraphone and guitar. He is also an occasional writer on jazz, contributing over 100 reviews to the West Australian newspaper, UK's Jazz Journal International and various other publications. Garry was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1998 and won Miscellaneous Category, Australian Jazz Awards 1993 following the release of his first CD I Mean You which apart from the Monk title tune was Lee originals.

Festival review by Garry Lee: Perth International Jazz Festival 2014

This second Perth International Jazz Festival (PIJF) commencing Friday 9th and concluding Sunday 11th May seemed to be an unqualified success. If key indicators included engaging the populace, developing on last year’s inaugural festival, presenting a variety of styles and venues, presenting music more challenging and innovative than may be heard in Perth on a weekly basis then all boxes could be ticked.