Gigs and concerts

Jamie Oehlers: Walking the tightrope

Jamie Oehlers: “Everything we do is enveloped in the arts, from the music we hear on the radio, the television shows we watch, the community events that draw people together, the phone we put in our hand. Art is all around us and inspires new thought and communication. This is how we create an identity as a national – not through digging up coal.”

Paris Combo: “l’Australie, c’est loin!

Paris Combo is a delight of a band, blending the best of the french chanson with a bubbly version of swing in an uplifting, joyous, jazzy way. Led by the Australian trumpeter and pianist David Lewis and the perky singer and accordeonist Belle DuBerry, the quintet features the fiery guitarist Potzi,  drummer François Jeannin and bassist …

Wilma Reading’s lush life

From the Ritz ballroom in Brisbane to the Copacabana in New York (via Singapore) and from the London Palladium to the legendary Johnny Carson show to touring with Duke Ellington, the highlights of Wilma Reading’s career in song are a nostalgic reminiscence of a golden era of showbiz. Of course, she is much more than …