Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Intangible artisan – a chat with Emma Franz

Intangible artisan – a chat with Emma Franz

The story of Emma Franz's debut film follows jazz drummer Simon Barker's journey and describes his fascination with, and search for, the music of South Korean Shaman drummer Kim Seok-Chul, the Intangible [cultural] Asset No. 82 of the film's title. Read More »

Flying visit by a Canadian songbird

by Miriam Zolin Canadian singer/songwriter Jennifer Szelag is planning a quick visit to Australia again in 2011. If you caught her on the last visit you’ll know what to expect, and in May and June you can catch her in Fremantle or the at Uptown in Melbourne. Clearly informed by the jazz idiom and comfortable in it, she thinks of ... Read More »

Collected Works – marching to the Beat of a (jazz) drum

Collected Works bookshop in the Nicholas Building in Swanston Street in Melbourne was the venue for our first jazz poetry reading this year. The bookshop is a haven and a natural choice for the event; we’d begun to realise that many of the jazz-loving writers and poets we’d encountered during the journal’s life could be found lurking among the bookshop’s ... Read More »

Joe Chindamo Interview

Standing outside Joe Chindamo’s front door, in a leafy Melbourne suburb, I am a little nervous. If he could be so upset about what a reviewer said or didn’t say, are me and my mini-disk going to be in for a difficult half hour? Read More »

Scandinavia and New York: Julien Wilson’s Freedman plans

The Freedman Fellowship is a prestigious award—entrants are nominated from within the Australian Jazz scene and invited to participate. Julien Wilson, performing with his Julien Wilson Trio, was awarded the 2006 fellowship recently. With prize money of $20,000 ($15,000 in cash, $5,000 for promotion) and a range of support from the MCA, the Fellowship can offer some very practical career ... Read More »

Mike Nock and the cure for what ails you

This is an article from 2003. To see what Mike is up to right now, go to He may not have discovered the cure for the common cold, but Mike Nock believes he knows how to soothe our modern existential pain. Jazz, of the creative variety – jazz that, in his words, “comes from a real sense of making ... Read More »

Interview with Sam Keevers

Interview with Sam Keevers

Sam Keevers is thought of by his musician mates as the original ‘Mr Nice Guy’. And aside from being a thoroughly good bloke, he also plays piano like an angel. I caught up with him at Marios café – a Melbourne institution in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy with waiters in long aprons and the best coffee on the street. And as ... Read More »

Rufus Records – ‘The Adventurous Label’

Have you noticed ? People who find jazz and are caught up in its magic often find themselves wanting to give something back. Tim Dunn, President of Rufus Records - the small Sydney based label dubbed 'The Adventurous Label' by the Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD - is one such person. Read More »