An Evolving Francesca Prihasti

“I am very grateful for the opportunity each day to create music and I would love to keep on writing because the more I do it, the more I can discover my own musical voice and it will help me evolve and develop as an artist. Change doesn’t happen instantly. It happens gradually and I want to strive to honing my craft each day”.

Angela Davis: “New York forces you to be completely honest with yourself”

Angela Davis: “It has always been a dream of mine to record with strings – some of my favourite albums are ventures in jazz with strings; Art Pepper’s Winter Moon, Lee Konitz Strings for Holiday and Paul Desmond’s Desmond Blue. To me there’s something profoundly beautiful about the timbre of the alto saxophone blending with a string section.”

James Mustafa- Renaissance Man

Mustafa’s sound is a coalescence of classical and jazz sounds, two passions which he has cultivated over a number of years. Listening to large orchestral music, particularly Romantic era works, Mustafa loved the way that the parts of the orchestra worked together (and he further explores this in his jazz writing) “It comes back to the fact that I love textures and instrumental colours. I think that is reflective in my playing as well”, he says.