Thursday 25 May 2017
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Review: Odysseys – Ben Winkleman Trio

It is a testament to Winkelman’s vision for these pieces that stride, montunos and various rhythmic tangents can be found sitting side-by-side in a way which only enhances, rather than confuses, the narrative they belong to. At the same time, the dynamic interplay and symbiosis between Winkelman, Anning and Vanderwal allows for their flawless execution. Read More »

CD Review: The Wide Alley – by Clocked Out

"This would have to be one of the most unique recordings that I have encountered in recent times - a listening experience that once heard cannot be forgotten." Read this review by Gerry Koster of The Wide Alley, a new CD from ten-piece ensemble including five Chinese musicians and local names Erik Griswold, Vanessa Tomlinson, Robert Davidson, Peter Knight and Adrian Sherriff... Read More »

The Seed Habit- Keijzer McGuiness Quintet (Rufus Records)

  The Seed Habit– Keijzer McGuiness Quintet Review by Charles Lidgard ( Rufus Records, RF079, 2009. The Keijzer McGuiness Quintet takes its name from a combination of Dutchman Remco Keijzer (tenor saxophone) and Australian Lucian McGuiness (trombone). In addition to Keijzer and McGuiness, the quintet consists of Matt McMahon (rhodes/piano), Mike Majkowski (bass) and James Hauptmann (drums). The Seed Habit ... Read More »

fit – Alister Spence Trio (Rufus Records)

fit – Alister Spence Trio (Rufus Records)

The Alister Spence Trio comprises Alister Spence (piano), Lloyd Swanton (bass) and Toby Hall (drums, glockenspiel). The trio released their first album Three is a Circle in 2000 and received ARIA nominations for subsequent albums Flux (2003) and Mercury (2007). fit is the band’s fourth album. Read More »

Praise for Crossing Roper Bar

Brian Ormsby was one of the lucky extempore subscribers who won a double pass to hear The Australian Art Orchestra's Crossing Roper Bar. Here's what he had to say... "...I had some reservations as to whether the project of interspersing jazz with traditional Australian music and dance would work. However any such doubts were very quickly dispelled..." Read More »