John McBeath reviews A Sudden Sentence in the Air in The Australian

His new collection, A Sudden Sentence in the Air, contains a poem entitled A Manual of Style, dedicated to stellar Sydney saxophonist Bernie McGann, and selected by Black Inc for its forthcoming Best Australian Poems 2011. It’s easy to see why the 13-line poetic description of McGann’s playing was selected: Page’s savvy observations inform his lines, taking on a kind of riffing of language, echoing and explaining the music.

John McBeath in The Australian on Origami ‘Blues for Joy’

“Simmons wrote six of the widely differing nine tunes, and the surprise opener, ‘Sometimes I Dream’ comes from country singer Merle Haggard. It starts with Cairns’s ultra-slow acoustic bass before Simmons’s alto emerges as if from mantles of mist, continuing the almost funereal tempo suffused with deep feeling.” Link to the full review in The …