Review: Duke Ellington’s America – Harvey G Cohen

“While a handful of works are more or less invaluable to Ellington studies, none has come as close as a serious work of cultural history than Harvey Cohen’s splendid new book. I hesitate to call it a biography, though it is that. It goes beyond biography, however, in its portrayal of crucial episodes in the development of the American music industry, of American race relations, and the place of jazz in American culture.”

Review – On a Clear Day

Read our recent review of On a Clear Day, the Jamie Oehlers / Paul Grabowsky Jazzhead release of jazz standards. Review by Peter Kenneally.

There are two approaches usually taken to standards: either a polite respectful caressing, which tries to leach the banality out of the old chestnut, or a gut busting ‘I can make any tune do anything I want’ assault. This recording ignores both, and goes its own way right from the start…

CD Review: Blood Red – Tom Vincent Trio

Tom Vincent, Blood Red (Label: Lumbini House) Avaible at CD review by Victoria Nugent The latest offering from jazz pianist Tom Vincent is a rich album of piano pieces with swing inspired energy that flow cleanly into each other. Vincent’s playing is often accentuated by deliberate discordance between the different instruments featured. At first …