Review – On a Clear Day

Read our recent review of On a Clear Day, the Jamie Oehlers / Paul Grabowsky Jazzhead release of jazz standards. Review by Peter Kenneally.

There are two approaches usually taken to standards: either a polite respectful caressing, which tries to leach the banality out of the old chestnut, or a gut busting ‘I can make any tune do anything I want’ assault. This recording ignores both, and goes its own way right from the start…

Review: Odysseys – Ben Winkleman Trio

It is a testament to Winkelman’s vision for these pieces that stride, montunos and various rhythmic tangents can be found sitting side-by-side in a way which only enhances, rather than confuses, the narrative they belong to. At the same time, the dynamic interplay and symbiosis between Winkelman, Anning and Vanderwal allows for their flawless execution.

CD Review: The Wide Alley – by Clocked Out

“This would have to be one of the most unique recordings that I have encountered in recent times – a listening experience that once heard cannot be forgotten.” Read this review by Gerry Koster of The Wide Alley, a new CD from ten-piece ensemble including five Chinese musicians and local names Erik Griswold, Vanessa Tomlinson, Robert Davidson, Peter Knight and Adrian Sherriff…