Guest posts wanted

iStock_000002314956SmallAre you:

  • a jazz musician?  an improvising musician?
  • a recording engineer who works with improvising musicians?
  • a photographer of jazz and improvising musicians?
  • a writer who blogs, interviews or writes features about jazz and improvising musicians or their music?
  • a broadcaster who plays jazz and improvised music?
  • a publicist who promotes jazz and improvised music?
  • the owner of a venue where jazz and improvised music is performed?
  • running a festival that includes jazz and improvised music?
  • a web designer who builds websites for jazz and improvising musicians?
  • an instrument specialist who builds or repairs instruments played by jazz and improvising musicians?

If you’re involved in any way in the Australian jazz scene you know that it’s a great place to hang out. We’re looking for small pieces by people who play and work in this field.

If you fit any of the categories above, and would like to know more, please get in contact.

Promotional opportunities

A guest post is a great way to promote your new release, your studio, your venue…

The post will need to be interesting and informative, but you can include links to your website. If you offer a service to musicians, we also encourage you to think about a special giveaway or discount that we can offer in our newsletter.

Can’t write?

No problem. We have editors. Do the best you can and we’ll help you get it ready for publication.

400 – 600 words is all you need

We don’t need large amounts of information. 400 – 600 words is a really good size for a news item or guest post. That’s around 1 A4 page.

Send it in an email

Write your draft, send it in an email. No need for fancy formatting.

More information?

Contact Miriam or 0407 664 202

Story ideas

We’re looking for vibrant, unique content, to help make the site even more interesting for new visitors and regular browsers. Interesting content gives the reader a reason to keep reading.

Use these prompts as starters for ideas.

  • The most fun aspect of what I do is…
  • The best part of running this venue / having this radio show / making this CD was …
  • The weirdest request I’ve had was when …
  • The hardest part of what I do / this project has been …
  • The biggest surprise about this experience was …


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