The Seed Habit- Keijzer McGuiness Quintet (Rufus Records)

  The Seed Habit– Keijzer McGuiness Quintet Review by Charles Lidgard ( Rufus Records, RF079, 2009. The Keijzer McGuiness Quintet takes its name from a combination of Dutchman Remco Keijzer (tenor saxophone) and Australian Lucian McGuiness (trombone). In addition to Keijzer and McGuiness, the quintet consists of Matt McMahon (rhodes/piano), Mike Majkowski (bass) and James …

The Spirit of Jazz- Guest Post by Miriam Zolin on the SPN blog

Jazz is not what it used to be – as an art form it’s had such a journey that the connection of what we call jazz and improvised music to the roots of the music in American blues and swing is not always obvious. World-renowned improvising trio The Necks, though hard to categorise, fit under the label of ‘jazz and improvised music’ but their relationship to Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis or Diana Krall is not obvious.