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Album Review: Still Still (Gian Slater) by Leon Gettler

Still Still (Which Way Music) Gian Slater Recorded at Headgap studios June 27-28 2011 Review by Leon Gettler Gian Slater is every vocalist’s dream. Her voice has a pristine, almost child-like, purity. She approaches the voice like an instrument, a vehicle for conveying lyrics. She started out emulating instrumentalists, horn players when she studied at …

Album review: The Hunters & Pointers

Hunters and Pointers cover

Few players – though brilliant on paper – could make something this good out of such freedom. Chops alone can’t do it – in fact chops often work in the opposite way. It is the subsuming of the ego and the meshing of consciousnesses that will get the players, and we the fortunate audience, there. And, here, The Hunters & Pointers do it every time.