Bob Barnard’s Jazz Scrapbook: a pictorial memoir

Bob Barnard’s Jazz Scrapbook: a pictorial memoir is now available.

It’s 200 pages, large format paperback, 280 x 210 mm, full colour, and contains over 375 images.

Presented in five main chapters, the book covers Bob’s life in jazz from the early years right up to the present. The book also includes an introduction and separate sections covering some of his awards as well as various jazz festivals at which he has performed.

There are photographs, ticket stubs, posters, records and other realia – it makes fascinating reading.

Over 375 pages and 200 pictures documenting Bob’s life in jazz.

The book has been published independently by Bob and his daughter Loretta and is available by emailing or phoning 0410 608 956

$39.95 plus postage and handling