The Remembering & the Forgetting of the Air (Jonathan Zwartz)

The Remembering & The Forgetting of the Air

The new release by Jonathan Zwartz
The Remembering & the Forgetting of the Air

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If The Sea looked in the direction of Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis, then musical colours from the palette of Charles Mingus and his album Ah Um whisper quietly in the ear of The Remembering and Forgetting of the Air.


Jonathan Zwartz (bass)
Barney McAll (keys)
Phil Slater (trumpet)
Hamish Stuart (drums)
Fabian Hevia (percussion)

Julien Wilson (saxophones)
James Greening (trombone)
Richard Maegraith (saxophones)
Steve Magnusson (guitar)


Promotional Video for the CD, from YouTube


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