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Origami - Hugh Harvey, Adam Simmons, Howard Cairns

Karaoke and The Usefulness of Art (Fatrain)

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‘Origami, with masterly technique, embraces some of the most vital aspects of jazz tradition and yet has an utterly contemporary relevance. Swing, groove, interplay, self-expression, and in the example of past masters such as Rollins, has embraced pop without compromising artistic integrity.’  Peter Wockner – Limelight Magazine

Two new recordings by Adam Simmons’ trio Origami – available online and in great CD stores.

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Usefulness Of Art
Usefulness Of Art

Origami’s debut release The Blues of Joy was declared ‘a quantum leap for Simmons’ by Adrian Jackson (Rythms Magazine, Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival), awarded 5 stars in Limelight magazine by Peter Wocknere, Feature Jazz Album on ABC Jazz and Eastside Radio and was in Roger Mitchell’s top 10 CDs for 2011.

Two new albums by Origami reveal very different – yet complementary – sides of Origami and that’s the reason for the double release (and the secret behind the different colours used in the distinctive folded paper cover art).

Karaoke – a collection of Australian songs by the likes of Colin Hay, The Reels, Hello Satellites, Silverchair, Nick Cave, The Parrots and Togye. Karaoke continues Origami’s use of popular songwriting as inspiration but with a view to exploring Australian songs.

The Usefulness of Art – a suite in five parts is a more contemplative, extended work featuring Simmons on bass clarinet. This release is Simmons first recording as an endorsed Selmer artist for this instrument. The Usefulness of Art aims to inspire consideration of the qualities that art can engender – and the necessity of these in our current society.

About Origami

Origami began in November 2010, working within self-imposed limitations in o order to more fully explore the possibilities. This idea was inspired by the Japanes art of folding paper, working from a simple startingpoint witha square piece of paper to create pieces of great complexity and beauty. Origami was selected as one of the highlights of the 2012 Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival and is touring again in March 2013.

100 limited edition hand folded Origami CD covers are available for each CD. The standard cover is in a card digipack, using photos of the folded version.


Adam Simmons – alto sax, bass clarinet

Howard Cairns – double bass

Anthony Baker  – drums


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