CD Release: Fact Finding Mission (Trichotomy)

Trichotomy and Fact Finding Mission cover

Fact Finding Mission (Jazzhead)
28 February 2013

Sean Foran (piano), Patrick Marchisella (bass), John Parker (drums) with James Muller, Tunji Beier & Linsey Pollak

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Trichotomy are a band with character – and, refreshingly, they refuse to stick to the same one.  4 stars. The Guardian’s John Fordham reviews a February 2013 performance in London

Fact Finding Mission cover
Fact Finding Mission cover

Sean Foran (piano) , Patrick Marchisella (bass ) and John Parker (drums) share 13 years of performances and musical experience.

They used to be Misinterprotato and the group have reinvented themselves as Trichotomy (which is how they’ve always been known in Europe). Their latest release Fact Finding Mission is a new album of original music.

Differing from their previous album, the Bell Award nominated The Gentle War, which focused on just the trio, Fact Finding Mission features appearances by guitarist James Muller, percussionist Tunji Beier and Linsey Pollak on reeds. The ensemble, incorporating European and Indian folk elements, stretch their musical legs across a range of influences from classical music, rock and jazz.

For Sean Foran Fact Finding Mission is the result in shifts in the lives of the band’s members:  ‘It’s a real time of change at the moment. John and I now both have children, and Pat is back at uni, studying pure mathematics. The mood is one of positivity and growth. There’s and a sense of fun, happiness and a general love of playing music together.’ The album also captures a year dedicated to writing and recording new music.

Fact Finding Mission opens with the upbeat and joyful ‘Strom’ (meaning current or flow), while the catchy ‘The Blank Canvas Part 1’ featuring guitarist James Muller, further enhances a sense of movement and discovery. The title track is the most abstract work on the album and utilizes samples, bowed distorted bass, a range of Chinese gongs and other sounds to achieve its chaotic effect. ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Song For EV’ were both inspired by Parker and Foran’s children respectively. On ‘Civil Unrest’ (featuring guitarist James Muller and percussionist Tunji Beier) angular melodies and abstract harmonies meld with spacious free improvisations. While ‘The Brook’ is all about rhythm; contrasting the idea of a dark intense bass groove with a delicate sparse melody. The captivating, rhythmic ‘The Blank Canvas Part 2’ transports us through to the beautiful ‘Brick By Brick’, which features Tunji Beier on percussion and Linsey Pollak on reeds. Dense, but melodically clear, it’s a beautiful closer to the album.

Fact Finding Mission is also being released on vinyl and sheet music.


Saturday 9 March Brisbane – Judith Wright Centre
Sunday 17 March – Melbourne – Bennetts Lane– a Melbourne Jazz Cooperative gig
Saturday 4 May – Sydney – SIMA at the Soundlounge

 ‘Strom’ from Fact Finding Mission


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