Nicky Crayson Trio: from Sydney to Mildura

From the media release

Nicky Crayson imageSydney based band, the Nicky Crayson Trio will be performing at the 2015 Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival. Nicky is a true Jazz singer, her voice an integral instrument in the line-up. Accompanying Nicky is Hugh Fraser on Bass and Jeremy Sawkins on Guitar. The Festival runs from 30 October to 2 November 2015.

The Nicky Crayson Trio have been described as three musicians who breathe together with an undeniably potent rhythm. Their understanding is solid but free, their music guided by traditions of Jazz improvisation but continually fresh rather than convention bound. Crayson reminds us of the power and beauty of our lives, referencing Billie Holliday to Betty Carter. Sawkins’ guitar fills the sound with vivid colours and exuberance and Fraser creates new ideas and rhythms. Together they discover a voice and language as they travel through Jazz standards, extending forms, elongating phrases, reaching out for new harmonies and creating beautiful music.

“Arts Mildura is proud to partner with The Art Vault in bringing the Nicky Crayson Trio to Mildura for the Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival and the Australian Print Triennial”. Paul Lambeth, Director Arts Mildura.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the Nicky Crayson Trio, performing on the opening night of the Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival; the band will begin performing at 8.00pm Friday 30 October at Stefanos Café (27 Deakin Avenue Mildura – for bookings and table reservations call 03 5021 3627) and at the inaugural Australian Print Triennial Dinner at Ampelon Gardens Gol Gol, at 6.45 – 11.00pm, Saturday 31 October (ticketing Information can be found here).

The program is now available online and tickets can be purchased for events from individual venues.