Sean Foran: “In the studio recording for ‘Frame of Reference’ we played the whole thing completely live”

“I recorded ‘Frame of Reference’ in London over two days with the band coming together for the first time at the session. I’d never really worked in that way before, so it certainly brought some new pressures to the whole thing, but also gave the recording a great intensity and focus.”

REVIEW: Divergence Jazz Orchestra – Fake It Until You Make It

I am happy to say the new Divergence Jazz Orchestra album – cheekily and tartly titled ‘Fake It Until You Make It’ – is here. And I want to shout about it.
As assured and fully-formed as ‘The Opening Statement’ was, the three years between it and the new one has added an even greater depth and daring to Jenna Cave’s writing and the band’s entirely apt and sympathetic reading (in all senses) of her charts.

Adrian Jackson: “We continue to take risks at Wangaratta”

“I feel lucky to have wandered into the position of doing a job that I enjoy and find rewarding, and to do it for so many years. The highlight has probably been having the chance to work with so many musicians who I hold in such high regard ; to propose or develop projects with them ; and then to see it all come together onstage, to be met with such generous approval by the audience.”