3 Questions for Callum Moncrieff [VIDEO]

In these short interviews I ask musicians and composers, from various backgrounds, the same three simple questions about music.
  1. Why do you have music in your life?
  2. How do you make music?
  3. What excites you musically right now?

I will be presenting these once a week over the next few months with local, national and international musicians and composers.

In this episode I’m talking to Melbourne-based percussionist and sound artist Callum Moncrieff.

Callum Moncrieff loves working not only with other musicians but also across different art forms. Callum’s two most life changing and inspiring events so far were being awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the vibraphone in Europe and the USA (2012) and being a part of the Australia Councils first Emerging Leaders Development Program (2011). Through these personally challenging experiences Callum has discovered a deeper understanding of both himself and music, which he strives to share with everyone he interacts with.