Month: September 2011

Q&A with Dave Goodman – 2011 NJA finalist

Dave Goodman

I’ll always remember the complete elation I felt when I first played a set of drums. I also remember the feeling of responsibility that came about once I decided to answer to my ‘vocation’ and to be a professional musician. These feelings continue to grow inside me by the day and I love it. To me, the essence of what jazz is all about is in there somewhere.

Review: Intangible Asset #82 and Daorum

Simon Barker has long been one of my favourite Australian drummers. Rest assured, he would have earned that place on the strength of his drumming in Mark Simmonds’ Freeboppers alone, without consideration of the extraordinary body of work he has produced since. For me, the Freeboppers’ album Fire (1993) remains one of the cornerstones of Australian jazz: four musicians – Simmonds, Scott Tinkler, Steve Elphick, and Barker – interlocking with a ferocious and burning intensity, their music exploding like a supernova.