Nostalgia in Fed Square

Christian Scott sets to eradicate gender inequality

AvengHer is another perfect example of electrically charged jazz fused together with hip-hop beats and west african influences and nods to post-rock and a lot more. It also makes testament of the trademark characteristic of his music, this understated intensity, like ripples on the surface of calm water, promising to deliver a storm.

Everyday is mother’s day. Ask your therapist.

After the “Mother’s day” overload, it feels a little strange, not being bombarded with ‘mother’s day gift ideas’ every single┬átime you turn the tv on, or you walk into a supermarket; but I guess we’ll manage. I’ve been trying to avoid the subject but then, out of coincidence – if there is such thing as …

Nostalgia in Fed Square – the Record Store Day edition

‘So, what’s new with Australian Jazz .net?’ I can almost hear you ask. A lot and not much, at the same time. Setting up an online hub for the broader jazz community, for one thing. Trying to keep things going, after the departure of Miriam Zolin, the site’s founder, editor, inspired and inspiring leader. Not …