Joe ‘Bebop’ Lane sings ‘Body and Soul’

One of Australia’s greatest scat singers, Joe Lane left an indelible mark on the Australian jazz scene. Singing for well over half a century, he was an influence on many musicians and joy to experience from the audience. In the liner notes of the only album he released under his name, The Arrival (1996), Lane insightfully said, ‘Music is about getting away from your doubts, imposed by other people’s discontent’.

Joe passed away five years ago this month. Paul Pax Andrews published an account of Joe’s influence on the Sydney jazz scene in extempore Issue 2 in May 2009. Learn more about Joe in the obituary written by John Shand for the Sydney Morning Herald while listening to more of his free spirited creation.

Credit to saxophonist Paul Pax Andrews for originally posting this clip on the web for us all to enjoy.

(Body and Soul; music by Johnny Green, lyrics by Edward Heyman, Robert Sour and Frank Eyton)