Thursday 25 May 2017
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Barney McAll’s creeping unease

Barney McAll’s creeping unease

Barney McAll's Graft is a suite of music that looks at technology and the bizarre affect it is having on human connection. It is a wild musical sound painting reflecting the ever increasing ambiguity between virtual and real. Read More »

ANU School of Music – changes cause concern

Recent changes to the ANU School of Music in Canberra have created a dismayed buzz in the Australian jazz and improvised music community. We’ll keep you posted, but here’s some information and a petition… Update 14 May 2012! Read this ABC Local news item from 666 ABC Canberra ANU School of Music announcement – press conference The press conference ... Read More »

Planet Lloyd – Lloyd Swanton on RN Daily Planet

I am so lucky, as a musician, to have to extend my listening in the way that doing the research for presenting a radio show does. And I also deeply enjoy the two hours week when I'm actually doing Mixed Marriage, and the Planet at this point, when I can immerse myself in incredible music going out over the airwaves. Read More »

Trevor Watts – in his own space

Trevor Watts – in his own space

"Every day I do some music of some kind because I need to, like I need to eat food. No big deal, I just get on with it. Because of that it becomes over time quite natural to just play and explore your own things." Read More »

John McBeath reviews A Sudden Sentence in the Air in The Australian

His new collection, A Sudden Sentence in the Air, contains a poem entitled A Manual of Style, dedicated to stellar Sydney saxophonist Bernie McGann, and selected by Black Inc for its forthcoming Best Australian Poems 2011. It's easy to see why the 13-line poetic description of McGann's playing was selected: Page's savvy observations inform his lines, taking on a kind of riffing of language, echoing and explaining the music. Read More »

Welcome to the new Jazz-Planet

Jazz Planet has been around since 2002. The site began as a magazine site specialising in information about Australian jazz and improvised music. Then Miriam (who runs this site) started publishing the extempore journal and then moved onto books.  The niche extempore imprint publishes writing inspired by jazz and improvised music. We kept the extempore site ticking over by adding ... Read More »