Phil Treloar’s ‘Recollections’ series

Phil Treloar has contributed to past issues of extempore and his work can also be found on the Kimnara website. When we asked Phil if he’d like to contribute to our Top 5 | 2010 highlights, he instead sent us five new pieces from his Recollectionsseries, and when we said we’d like to feature them, he generously gave us permission. Take your time and enjoy. And if you have feedback for Phil or for us, please be sure and let us know by emailing

Recollections SixMiles, Ornette, Cecil: Jazz Beyond Jazz
Recollections Seven Review of This is Dripping by The Drip Hards
Recollections EightSylvio Gualda: forever in my thoughts
Recollections NineJulien Wilson & Phil Rex, Masters Without Pretense
Recollections TenDavid Tolley – Phil Treloar: Reunion

Phil’s biographical note from Issue 5 of extempore which included his contrubition ‘Digressions – Imaging India’ is below:

Including Converging Paths, a duo with Sydney percussionist Hamish Stuart, composer/performer Phil Treloar has recently formed Spaces and Streams, a performance initiative which involves Melbourne saxophonist, Julien Wilson. Treloar was invited by Griffith University to participate in the Australian Percussion Gathering (APG) in August 2010, giving master-classes and concert performances on marimba. The APG also commissioned him to write a new ‘Work’ for the event. Sinhavijurmbhita (for solo violin) was premiered in the US in May this year, and his 3-CD set recording project, Of Paradox Once Found, was given a five-star review in April’s Limelight.