Anea Duratovic: ‘It feels wonderful being back in Australia’

“What I noticed most about the London jazz scene is just how large it is. But it is a city home to just over eight million people, so that is to be expected. This obviously leads to more competition, and unfortunately, musicians undercutting fees. It made me realise that we have a very unique and wonderful jazz scene in Perth – and Australia in general. Everyone is very supportive of each other in Perth, and musicians here know the base rate expected for performances/functions.”

Jennifer Salisbury: “Singing is so much easier than talking!”

“For many many years I worked long hours and studied and did not participate in any of the creative activities I often heard the call to begin. Call of the Wild is about the call that never leaves you, a constant gentle reminder of better ways to spend your time.
Many of the songs from this album were written in the car on the way to my day job; one was written while I was folding the washing, another while I was cleaning the house. The melodies came to me when I was stuck in domestics or the inescapable necessities of daily life.”