The 2024 Sydney Con Jazz Festival is under way

“All six concert halls and performances spaces of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music will be on show, as audiences immerse themselves in a myriad of contemporary and traditional jazz styles. Come join us in celebrating jazz, one of humanity’s most vibrant and creative art forms,” says SCJF Artistic Director David Theak. “The festival is designed to be affordable and to showcase the best of jazz from Australia, Sydney and the World.”

Lucy Clifford: ‘Jazz means forever evolving daily’

“I’m very much a bassist in the sense that for a long time I’ve been in that  supportive role, playing for a variety of artists of different genres. And with that I’ve had the good fortune to travel to different parts of the world, and live in The US. That exposure to different people and different sounds I think are what I consider to be some of the highlights.”