Welcome to the new Jazz-Planet

Miriam at an extempore poetry reading in the Macleay Street bookshop, Sydney. January 2011

Jazz Planet has been around since 2002. The site began as a magazine site specialising in information about Australian jazz and improvised music. Then Miriam (who runs this site) started publishing the extempore journal and then moved onto books.  The niche extempore imprint publishes writing inspired by jazz and improvised music. We kept the extempore site ticking over by adding reviews, features and other Australian jazz and improvised music content.

In late 2011, we’re cleaning up the extempore website; it is now dedicated to information directly related to the books published under the extempore imprint. And all that lovely content is coming home to jazz-planet, where it all began.

Over December 2011 and January 2012, you might find we’re a little bit ‘in transition’. We apologise for the mess!  What we know you’ll discover, is that this is a great place to come for some cool information about jazz and improvised music in Australia.

Welcome, and enjoy your time here! Come back whenever you like. We’re updating content regularly.