The Trilling Wire 2013 | 7 & 8 February

Reproduced from the media release

This February, Clocked Out presents The Trilling Wire – Australia’s most innovative contemporary music groups brought to your doorstep. The Trilling Wire mini-festival is now in its third year and features two free performances combining percussion, electro-acoustic, free jazz, break-beats, piano, woodwind and brass. Four groups are featured at the festival – Clocked Out Duo, The Quadratic Contingency (both from Brisbane), Speak Percussion, and Peter Knight’s Fish Boast Of Fishing (both from Melbourne).

For this year’s event, The Trilling Wire moves to a new venue, the Queensland Conservatorium Foyer, right in the heart of Southbank Parklands and both events are completely free to the public.

The Trilling Wire 2013 is the most diverse yet, with a great mix of jazz, jungle, experimental styles, and a colourful collection of percussion, electronics, extended trumpets, reeds, prepared piano, and other fresh sounds. Very excited to be pairing of two amazing Melbourne groups with local Brisbane acts, and to be playing in the relaxed atmosphere of the Queensland Con Foyer…come and escape the summer heat! – Erik Griswold, Curator

Come and explore this fantastic opportunity to experience the beautiful, the new, the strange and even the uncategorizable – the bar is open and the aircon is on.

Full Program

Thursday  7 February, 7PM

Clocked Out Duo Time Crystals

In February 2012, Nobel-winning physicist Frank Wilczek posted an article proposing the existence of “time crystals,” perpetually moving structures that repeat periodically in the fourth dimension. In their newest composition, Clocked Out Duo explore perpetual motion, pattern and crystalline structures in musical form. Using an intricately designed constellation of percussive and pianistic sounds, Erik Griswold and Vanessa Tomlinson create a kaleidoscope of shifting sound colours.

Speak Percussion City Jungle

City Jungle explores the dramatic sound world of Jungle and Drum’n’Bass, two of the hallmark British electronica genres from the 1990’s. That many percussionists have a fascination with Drum’n’Bass is perhaps not surprising. When at its best, it weaves complex webs of syncopated rhythms and textures, its funk and soul heritage intensified by contemporary technology. Despite these connections and appeal, the music’s fast tempi have kept its performance largely the domain of DJs in nightclubs. Melbourne’s musical pioneers Speak Percussion have collaborated with leading producer Terminal Sound System to create a major new work which weaves together fragmented beats, distorted rhythms and ambient resonances. The world of underground electronica is expanded by the rich sonic world of classical percussion.

Friday 8 February, 7PM

The Quadratic Contingency

The Quadratic Contingency is a Cinematic improvisational ensemble that explores the grey areas that otherwise defines typical genres such as 3rd Stream, Minimalism, organic improvisational & 21st Century Art Music. The Quadratic Contingency most recently featured at the Brisbane Festival when it presented and performed for the experimental film documentary, Flood Plains. For The Trilling Wire, The Quadratic Contingency will present four works – Autumn Journals, Sharps, Second Hand Theory and Seedy Thumb Tack.

Peter Knight’s Fish Boast of Fishing

A new project led by composer/trumpeter Peter Knight, inspired by E.E. Cummings… music that is unclassifiable. Comprising music that sits somewhere between new jazz, contemporary classical, and minimalism, Fish Boast of Fishing integrates improvisation, composition and electronics to create a new sound. The work features Adam Simmons – contrabass clarinet, Erik Griswold – prepared piano, Vanessa Tomlinson – percussion, Frank Di Sario – double bass, Joe Talia – drums/electronics.