Month: December 2014

We persist

In a recent post, and our email newsletter, we brought you the sad news that would be closing from 31 December. Thank  you for your responses.  So many of them. And thank you letting me know that the site has been making a contribution that you value. It seems I undervalued the impact of …

Singing the Baqashot – reflections on Yitzak Yedid’s Visions, Fantasies and Dances

Visions, Fantasies and Dances Music for String Quartet by Yitzhak Yedid A Reflection by Arjun von Caemmerer Yitzhak Yedid remarks that during a synagogue service the congregants may chant and sing in quasi-unison alongside the cantor, thus spontaneously and intuitively generating heterophonic variations from the monophonic melodies of traditional prayers and Piyyutim. My response to …

Album review: Penny King Quintet Journey

That it’s her first album is astonishing. I hope she will find the support to do many more. King gives credit to her phenomenal musicians who she says took the shells of her tunes and weaved such magic with them and to Pete Jeavons, the musician who brought his studio and recording expertise and incredible ears to the table to assist her in realizing her heart felt and impeccably musical vision.