Self, where dance theatre meets Jack Earle’s jazz artistry

[From the media release]
A marriage between two art forms, jazz music and dance theatre, ‘Self’ is the collaboration of three of Australia’s most outstanding young theatre and musical talents. Director and Choreographer, Michael Ralph (Dusty, Georgy Girl, Loving Repeating) is one of the country’s rising choreographers, sought after for his dynamic, unique style and fresh take on storytelling-through- dance. Jack Earle‘s (The Jack Earle Big Band) original modern-jazz- inspired score will be performed by a live 7-piece orchestra. Dancer and Musical Theatre star Rohan Browne (Singin in the Rain, Strictly Ballroom) will take on the leading role of The Artist supported by an ensemble of six incredible dancers.

Featuring Earle’s original score played by his sizzling 7-piece band and an ensemble of eight of Australia’s most exciting dancers, ‘Self ‘ is a thought-provoking journey into the psyche of an artist and the human condition, expressed through choreography and original music composed exclusively for this new dance theatre production. It is the story of a young man as he grapples with the pressures and expectations of progressing through a volatile career in the arts. As artists in this fast-paced and modern world, we lose ourselves in our work and life and can often struggle to cope with the pressures and expectations involved. ‘Self’ explores this through one man’s journey to find his true self.

‘Self’ is a Charity Event for mental health advocates for the arts,Entertainment Assist,with 60% of profits going directly towards raising awareness and removing the stigma surrounding mental health in the Australian entertainment industry.