Sugg & Vance are back!

“Well, the level of communication is very high. We know each other’s styles so well that the music always comes together in uncanny ways. This is a real asset when the music has a lot of improvisation, as ours does. It’s basically a musical conversation happening at a very high level. This is what the best jazz really is all about.”

Polymorphic Orkestra – Confluence

Their latest album, ‘Confluence’, is made up of two long improvisations – the 40-minute ‘Stream’ and the 24- minute ‘Flow’. The titles are fitting, as this music has much in common with the nature of both water and of electricity: rushing between banks, bubbling over rapids, coming to rest calm and lake-serene, sparking, ever moving to a point of resolution or rest.

Liz Carnovale: ‘Diva Month at Paris Cat is a celebration of all our female artists’

The best part about programming and running the club is discovering so much incredible talent which is right here in Melbourne! The scene is constantly evolving and developing. I’m proud that we have been able to create a space for musicians to play, be it musos just starting their career, or those who have been in the scene for many years and who are re-discovering new projects! Paris Cat jazz club really does have something for everyone!

Thomas Avgenicos: ‘Being judged is part of life as a musician’

“It’s an endless competition; you’re always competing for gigs, and competing to play in different bands or going for the same awards; and there are always people out there trying to judge you; it’s a fact of life and a fact of the music scene. People are going to be judging you and the best way to go is to be yourself. I can’t do more than that.”