The Disruptive Rainbow


Our new webseries and podcast

starts with Paul Capsis talking to Kyriakos Gold

Singer. Actor. Versatile. Eccentric. Fabulous.

Globally recognised for his cabaret and theatre credits.

A queer icon and survivor.

Our Disruptive Rainbow launches with the extraordinaire Paul Capsis talking to our CEO Kyriakos Gold.

Our new series focuses on issues of social justice, sexuality and cultural identity in Australia.

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These are our moments in #pride

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Rebeckah Loveday talks to Kyriakos Gold

She is part of the #TransRevolution.

An actor, a model, an activist and a presenter, Rebeckah uses her life and professional experience to help trans people claim their identity.

In episode 2 of our Disruptive Rainbow our CEO Kyriakos Gold talks to the remarkable Miss Rebeckah Loveday, co-founder of Trans Sisters United and current contestant for Miss Trans Global.

Kate Wickett talks to Kyriakos Gold

Dynamic. Strategic. Tireless.

She is considered to be one of the most influential LGBTI leaders in Australia.

In episode 3 of the Disruptive Rainbow, our CEO Kyriakos Gold talks to the extraordinary Kate Wickett, CEO of Sydney WorldPride 2023.

Persistent. Resilient. With an open mind and an open heart.

In episode 4 of the #DisruptiveRainbow, our CEO Kyriakos Gold, JD EMBA talks to the inspiring Cameron Brown.

Cam uses the power of his personal story every day as the Business Development & Human Resources Manager of Fruit2WorkAus– a social enterprise that creates chances for those impacted by the justice system.