Daorum featured in Video about Lincoln Center, NY

Daorum at the Lincoln Centre, New York City
A still from the video, from left to right | Bae Il Dong, Kim Dong Won, Phil Slater, Simon Barker

Korean Australian collaboration Daorum has been featured in a video narrative about the Lincoln Centre. Michal Shapiro, the writer of the Huffington Post article and responsible for the video says, “This was initially going to be a performance posting about the Korean-Australian ensemble, Daorum, which is a fascinating project involving Korean Pansori traditions and modern jazz improvisation”

So enthralled was she by the Lincoln Center itself that she expanded her story.

At about 4 minutes 20 seconds in, Bill Bragin, Director of Public Programming at the Lincoln Center “I was in Korea, at an Art Market and I saw the film, Intangible Asset Number 82, loved the film and then saw just a ten minute acoustic performance by Simon Barker and Bae Il Dong the Pansori singer and just fell in love with the project.”

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