Month: October 2013

Album review: Tiro (The Vampires) by John Hardaker

on ‘Brother Sykes’ – The band play around each other here, as if conversing, exchanging their grief – the feeling is one of a wake, funereal and puffed-out. It is a nod to the complete musicianship of Alex Boneham that the bass dominates here, expressing so much in answer to the gray-blues and watery mauves thrown at him by Rose and Garbett. All seems to happen underwater, beneath a heavy lid of mortality.

Songs of Friends at Wangaratta – Josh Kyle and Sam Keevers

Josh Kyle and Sam Keevers - Songs of Friends

Josh is attracted to music that comes from the heart and says that all the tunes he’s chosen have the kind of investment that he believes matters in music. ‘The harmonic structure also has to catch my attention when I’m listening to songs with lyrics in mind. The thing I found is that all these songs sing really well. They are all very melodic.’

Where Angels Fear To Tread – Yitzhak Yedid’s Arabic Violin Bass Piano Trio by Arjun von Caemmerer

Forget rigid categories, the security of strict delineations. Formative influences for Israeli-born Yedid include classical music (as a child and later at JAMD); the discovery of jazz and improvisation (in Israel and at Boston’s New England Conservatory, where he studied with Paul Bley and Ran Blake); and not least his immersion in the music of his childhood environment: the Syrian synagogue where all the melodies were rendered in Arabic scales, and his thorough saturation with the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish scales.