Ben Hauptmann on Lekker

When we knew we were going to be talking about Lekker on the podcast, we thought it might be good to ask him a couple of questions.

Read more about Lekker on this site > What inspired the CD?  e.g. is it stuff you’ve been doing for a while, or a particular project / path you’ve been exploring?

Ben Hauptmann: This music was inspired by my interest and development in composing using midi information and software instrumentation with my laptop. I have a midi controller called the You Rock Guitar, it plays like a guitar but sends information to your computer like a electronic keyboard does. For example, I was able to play this ‘guitar’ but use a piano sound, this enabled me to explore some new sonic spaces.

AJN: Any standout tracks from your point of view?  Pieces that you really dig (maybe even more than you expected to?)

BH: The track that Katie Noonan sings on is a highlight because her voice is so amazing, also Schiermonnikoog is a favourite because it reminds me of riding bikes on small windy islands in the north of the Netherlands.

AJN: How did you come to be working with Lee Groves?  How did the connection come about and what did he bring to the CD?

BH: A few years back I recorded an album with the artist Bertie Blackman, Lee produced a number of tracks on the album. He is a really nice guy and an amazing producer and mixer, I always had him on my wish list and so I asked him if he would be interested in mixing this album and he was! Lee is a legend, I was incredibly lucky to get him to mix my album, If you could hear the recordings before Lee got them and then the final mix you would understand the input he had. I would send the files to Lee during the day and by the next morning he would have sent back initial mixes for me to check out, It was so much fun waking up each morning with new mixes to listen to.


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