Tripataka release their debut album

Yakiyais the debut release by Melbourne band Tripataka. Recorded on the Tall Poppies label, the album captures a blend of original compositions that capture the endless inspiration the band members derive from the music of North and South India, Bali, Brazil, Cuba and many other styles of music from around the world.

Trained in these intercultural forms of music as well as jazz and European Classical music, the breadth of the band members’ combined experience and instrumental resources far surpass that of a typical contemporary jazz trio.

Tripataka was formed in 2013 and comprises:

Adrian Sherriff – bass trombone, percussion, voice

Jonathan Dimond – electric bass guitars, percussion, voice

Adam King – drums, voice.

Tripataka performs original compositions by the band members and unique arrangements of jazz repertoire.

Tripataakais a Sanskrit term used inBharatanatyam, the classical dance form of South India, and translates to mean three parts of the flag. It refers to a mudra (hand gesture) used by dancers. The mudra can represent a crown, an arrow, thunder or flames of fire. The association with the monk Tripitaka who featured inMonkey, the Japanese television cult drama from the late 1970s is tangential, as is the association with the Melbourne vegetarian restaurantTrippy Taco!

The album features eight tracks of original compositions that capture a deep blend of genres, are often rhythmically-charged and swoop deftly across cyclical forms.

The title track, Yakiya, was composed by Sherriff and inspired by the irrepressible joy ofYakiya, a friend of Adrian’s family.Yakiyawas a Papuan tribal elder and churchleader from the valley of Makki where Adrian was raised.

Jonathan Dimond said, “Tripataka is the playing field, the tester of protypes, and the practical vehicle that balances the theoretic research into the nexus between Western and intercultural composition and improvisation that I have been exploring since my earliest years of music-making.”

Yakiyawill be launched on Sunday 13 August 8pm at Jazzlab, 27 Leslie Street, Brunswick. Tickets are $20 and $15 (concession) and available fromJazzlab. The album is available at the launch and from iTunes andBandcamp.