3 Questions for Linda May Han Oh & Fabian Almazan [VIDEO]

In these short interviews I ask musicians and composers, from various backgrounds, the same three simple questions about music.
  1. Why do you have music in your life?
  2. How do you make music?
  3. What excites you musically right now?

I will be presenting these once a week over the next few months with local, national and international musicians and composers.

In this episode I’m talking to the dynamic duo – Linda May Han Oh and Fabian Almazan

Cuban American pianist Fabian Almazan and Perth bassist Linda May Han Oh first met in 2006 while pursuing masters degrees in New York City. Since then, theyve quickly risen to the top of the creative music scene as leaders and band members alongside the likes of Pat Metheny, Joe Lovano, and Terence Blanchard. In this duo setting, they explore the sonic possibilities with Oh on the electric and acoustic bass (and vocals) and Almazan imaginatively sculpting the sound of an acoustic piano.