Nostalgia in Fed Square – the Record Store Day edition

“So, what’s new with Australian Jazz .net?” I can almost hear you ask. A lot and not much, at the same time. Setting up an online hub for the broader jazz community, for one thing. Trying to keep things going, after the departure of Miriam Zolin, the site’s founder, editor, inspired and inspiring leader. Not posting much, unfortunately, but that is about to change. John Hardaker’s contribution has been immensely helpful, while I’m trying to figure out things, not only regarding the site, but also the state of jazz in Australia – and even Australia, as a whole. It’s all new to me.

About a year ago, when the concept of coming here started to become a reality, I knew I had to learn as much as I can about my new country. I started by googling ‘Australian Jazz’. I found this site – and a superb Jazz group, playing the kind of ‘chamber music jazz’ I’d come to love when I first fell in love with the music of the Modern Jazz Quartet. I’ve been looking for their albums ever since.

And, of course, today is Record Store Day, i.e. the perfect excuse to delve into one of those brick and mortar establishments and inhale the dust from record sleeves. Lots of events throughout the stores – the wonderful Broadsheet has selected some happening in Melbourne, but I’m sure there are more – and a lot of reissues in crisp, shiny 12-inch records attest to the resurrection of vinyl. As a music junky and a verified fetishist, I cannot resist the temptation to look through old records, any chance I get, regardless of whether I end up buying anything or not – usually not. I therefore plan to get my fingertips dirty today, fumbling through every single item in the ‘Jazz’ section, looking for the Australian Jazz Quartet. What about you?

(I hope you forgive the personal tone. Because it’s not going away. This is the first of what I hope will be a series of posts in the ‘Editor’s blog’ section. I’m calling it ‘Nostalgia in Fed Square’. Because Mingus. And Melbourne.)