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Jennifer Salisbury: “Singing is so much easier than talking!”

“For many many years I worked long hours and studied and did not participate in any of the creative activities I often heard the call to begin. Call of the Wild is about the call that never leaves you, a constant gentle reminder of better ways to spend your time.
Many of the songs from this album were written in the car on the way to my day job; one was written while I was folding the washing, another while I was cleaning the house. The melodies came to me when I was stuck in domestics or the inescapable necessities of daily life.”

Get in the Christmas mood with James Mustafa

“I was divided into four parts, arranging the music, recording the music, videoing the footage and finally, bringing it all together into a single film. I began the recording and arranging job simultaneously, something I’ve never really done before. I just started recording whatever I thought sounded good, adding whatever instrument I wanted along the way. Eventually, I realised this was going to be best suited to a big band (with a few woodwind doubles) and began notating arrangement and the recording alongside it.”

Jennifer Salisbury: “If I am contemplating the experience of another and I feel deeply about it, I can have a tune pop up”

I have always loved horns and a big band sound so I wanted to inject that into the project. I also had to have piano because of the colour it provides. I was looking for a slightly theatric bent as well.

Roxy Coss: “The lack of female representation in Jazz is hurting us all”

“My role, my job, is to make the best music I can possibly make. Be the best me, create the art I am supposed to put out into the world. I hope this will serve as a positive example for younger female musicians, because right now they don’t have very many examples to follow. I also hope this serves as an example to my male counterparts and younger male musicians of what a successful female musician can look like.”

James Mustafa: “The Melbourne Big Band Festival will celebrate the diverse, inspiring and kickass large ensemble scene of Australian music”

“The big band orchestration is genius. The instrumentation of five saxes/woodwind, four trombones, 4-5 trumpets and a four – piece rhythm section results in literally countless and millions of different compositional formulas that will never be exhausted, even if every composer in the world was to write for the next thousand years.”

James Mustafa: “an evening promoting the Australian Songbook, what more could you want!”

“I would like to think that it is exactly that – a statement for Australian Jazz music. It is so important that we as a country and culture embrace, promote and encourage original Australian music – whether in the classical, contemporary, improvised or commercial scenes of music.”

James Mustafa- Renaissance Man

Mustafa’s sound is a coalescence of classical and jazz sounds, two passions which he has cultivated over a number of years. Listening to large orchestral music, particularly Romantic era works, Mustafa loved the way that the parts of the orchestra worked together (and he further explores this in his jazz writing) “It comes back to the fact that I love textures and instrumental colours. I think that is reflective in my playing as well”, he says.

Australian Jazz Bell Awards 2015: the Winners

It was a bright and starry night, one of mirth and celebration and camaraderie. It was the night that artists and supporters, musicians and afficionados, jazz elders and rising stars gathered to celebrate the accomplishments and creativity and everything that makes the Australian Jazz scene what it is. There was a ravishing MC, Helen Kapalos, and …

2015 Australian Jazz Bell Awards: and the nominees are…

The agony and speculation is over. The nominees for this year’s Australian Jazz Bell Awards have been announced. Among them appear, naturally, some of the best and brightest talents of the country’s flourishing jazz community. The winners – as well as the recipient of the Graeme Bell Hall of Fame, in recognition of an outstanding …