2015 Australian Jazz Bell Awards: and the nominees are…

Bells---wideThe agony and speculation is over. The nominees for this year’s Australian Jazz Bell Awards have been announced. Among them appear, naturally, some of the best and brightest talents of the country’s flourishing jazz community. The winners – as well as the recipient of the Graeme Bell Hall of Fame, in recognition of an outstanding career- will be announced on Thursday the 30th of April.

The nominees are:

Best Australian Jazz Vocal Album

Josh Kyle & Sam Keevers – Songs of Friends

Tom Barton – Aspirations

Sarah McKenzie – We could be lovers


Best Australian Modern Jazz Album

Paul Grabowsky – The Bitter Suite

Daniel Susnjar – Su Su Nje

James Mustafa Orchestra – The Last Sanctuary


Best Australian Contemporary ‘Avant-garde’ Jazz Album

Monash Art Ensemble : George – Hexis

Barney McAll  = Trio Feral – Trio Feral = Don’t Feed

Paul Van Ross – My Cuban Soul


Best Australian Traditional Jazz Album

James Morrison – A-Z of Jazz

The Hunters & Pointers – The Hunters & Pointers

Geoff Bull – Clarence Williams Tribute


Best Australian Jazz Song of the Year

Paul Grabowsky – Black Saffron

Penelope Sai – Some Kind Of Dream

Daniel Susnjar  – Forte Pulse Torte


Best Australian Jazz Ensemble

Mike Nock Octet – Suite Sima

Daniel Susnjar – Su Su Nje

Daryl McKenzie Orchestra- Return Journey


Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year

James Mustafa Jazz Orchestra – The Last Sanctuary

Nic Vardenga – Inverno

Jessica Carlton – Not Alone