Album Release: Allotrope – Peter Knight

Digital release 24 August 2012 on the Listen / Hear Collective label


Peter Knight – Solo trumpet, prepared flugelhorn, laptop electronics, pedals, amplifier.

From the Bandcamp web page

Allotrope: Any of two or more physical forms in which an element can exist – diamond and graphite are allotropes of carbon. (Macquarie Dictonary)

Electroacoustic adventures created using the trumpet, flugelhorn, laptop electronics, amplifier and pedals. Allotrope is a new solo project from multidisciplinary Melbourne composer and trumpeter Peter Knight. It continues, albeit tangentially, Peter’s preoccupation with space, understatement, and long form structure and draws inspiration from diverse sources.

Available as a limited edition of 100 USB Flash Drives:

  • 24 bit hi res files
  • Hi-res DVD of studio performance filmed by Digital Pill
  • Detailed liner notes
  • High quality Korean Memorette Softie 4GB flash drives
  • Design by Jin Sangtae