CD Release: Smoke and Mirrors (Jamie Oehlers Qt feat. Ari Hoenig)

Smoke and Mirrors (Jazzhead, HEAD152)
Jamie Oehlers Quartet featuring Ari Hoenig

Tenor saxophonist Jamie Oehlers (AUS) and drummer Ari Hoenig (USA) unite in the studio at long last to release Smoke and Mirrors.

Oehlers’ original compositions call to mind late night smoky jazz sounds, with focus on sultry ballads, forthright melody and Coltrane-esque moments.

The duo have been performing together on and off for a number of years, during which, the musically distinguished pair have developed and enhanced their unique yet accessible approach to create an exceptional recording.

Australia’s own sax wünderkind and multi-award winning Oehlers is joined by NYC’s hottest young jazz drummer and leader of his own Quartet, Ari Hoenig, ‘one of the most musical and successfully creative drummers in jazz’, as reviewed by the JazzTimes.

With the rich tones of Australian Jazz Bell Award Winner Sam Anning’s bass contributing alongside the virtuosic, fiery technique offered by piano prodigy Tal Cohen, Smoke and Mirrors is set to be a great Australian classic.

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Personnel: Jamie Oehlers (tenor saxophone), Tal Cohen, (piano), Sam Anning (bass) Ari Hoenig (drums)