Album review: Tales To Tell (Alex Pertout and Nilusha Dassenaike) by Leon Gettler

An exceptional album. Their previous album Moments In Time had a folkish feel to it. This one is different; it tells a story, a tale of collaboration between different cultures, South American and Asian, Middle Eastern and European, a blend of jazz, world music, pop and a bit of R&B. The result: a multi-layered cultural mix that can only be Australian

Improve your life with mod jazz

Mod jazz helps to simplify an art form that – to the untrained ear – can be very complicated. Yet it allows the skilled musician to play without having to ‘dumb it down’ for people without a bachelors in jazz. Its inspiring to songwriter, the musician, the producers and to the purchasers. And most importantly… It’s a big ol’ bag of fun.

Testimony: A Tribute to Charlie Parker

Testimony, A Tribute to Charlie Parker – worth the twelve year wait

would recommend enjoying this book and the music this way. Remind yourself of the rich history of the music listening to one of the greats. Immerse yourself in Yusef Yomunyakaa’s poetry. This will set you up to luxuriate in one of Sandy Evans’ rich compositions played by Sydney’s best. No that’s an understatement, they are among Sydney’s, and Australia’s greatest, including some of the voices we are no longer able to enjoy live- Bernie McGann’s unique alto, and Jackie Orzaczky’s gravelly intonation.